Expert Hybrid, Electric Car & Prius Repair in Framingham

Hybrid Repair Services

Expert Hybrid, Electric Car & Prius Repair in Framingham

If you drive a Toyota Prius or other hybrid vehicle, Bonded Transmission & Auto Repair has Master technicians trained in electric car repair and service. While hybrid vehicles have been around for a while now, with the Prius leading the way, electric car technology is still relatively new, and many mechanics aren’t skilled at repairing hybrid vehicles. That’s why it’s important to trust experts who know what they’re doing when your hybrid needs auto repairs or service. We have that expertise at Bonded Transmission & Auto Repair.

Our Hybrid Car Services

Whether you own a Toyota Prius, a Chevy Volt, or any other hybrid model, your vehicle will require special treatment and specialized knowledge that some auto repair shops might not have. Indeed, to achieve excellent fuel efficiency, hybrid and electric vehicles rely on many parts, systems, and other automotive technology not found in conventional internal-combustion engines. With trained Master hybrid repair technicians, Bonded Transmission & Auto Repair is highly prepared to repair hybrid and electric vehicles, getting you back on the road in no time.

Our hybrid and electric vehicle services include:

  • Computer Diagnostics for Hybrids & EVs
  • Electric Motor Repair
  • Hybrid Battery Replacement
  • Hybrid Drivetrain Repair
  • Hybrid Suspension System Repair
  • Regenerative Brake System Repair
  • Scheduled Maintenance Services for Hybrids & EVs
  • And All Traditional Auto Repair Services!

Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Maintenance

One of the most significant things that distinguishes hybrid and electric vehicles from traditional cars is maintenance. With a hybrid, you’ll need fewer oil changes, and your brake pads will last longer thanks to the regenerative braking system that is unique to hybrids. However, the computer in a hybrid has many responsibilities, including determining when to switch from electric power to gas power, making it exceedingly important. For this reason, it’s important to seek out a knowledgeable hybrid mechanic for vehicle maintenance, so you’re not paying for an unnecessary oil change or brake pads, and you want to be sure any computer problems aren’t overlooked.

Trust Your Hybrid to Bonded Transmission & Auto Repair

If you drive a Toyota Prius or other hybrid or electric vehicle, trust Bonded Transmission & Auto Repair for all your hybrid service needs. We welcome hybrid and electric vehicles at our auto repair shop because we appreciate innovative automotive technology—and we understand it. In addition to Framingham, we serve the communities of Sherborn, Ashland, Natick, Sudbury, and Hopkinton.

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