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I pulled into the Natick mall parking garage and my 2003 GMC Yukon XL made the most awful metal on metal grinding sound that I had ever heard. I cringed because it sounded like the final days were in store for my beloved SUV. I had the Yukon towed to Bonded and by 10A the following morning one of the Service Managers, Dave, called to let me know that the driver's side wheel bearing had completely disintegrated and I would need to replace it. I told him know that this was disappointing because it was the exact same wheel bearing that I had replaced at another shop in Ohio less than 2 months prior.

After I called the shop personnel who had done the work previously and let them know what happened, Dave kindly offered to talk with the owner of the other shop and explain what he found. The other shop kindly reimbursed me the cost of the part after Dave's explanation. Additionally, Dave let me know that the exhaust was in dire need of repair. He offered to send it out to have it fixed instead of completely replaced -- the cost to fix it was about $1k less than an entire exhaust would have cost me. The Bonded folks are trustworthy, their workmanship is excellent, their customer service is the most impressive that I have ever seen in an auto repair company, and they're focused on helping customers repair cars at the most reasonable price possible. I will absolutely continue to take my cars to Bonded while I live in this area.

- Renee M.

Incredibly honest and professional. My Saab now drives like Saab! I highly recommend Bonded Transmission and its professional staff.

- Linda K.

Very thorough and very helpful. Would definitely go back.

- Donald G.

Work was done quickly, accurately, and with great friendliness. Would return again without hesitation.

- Arne A.

Easily made my appointment online. People were courteous and helpful. Bob even went the extra mile to check out the similar complaint to mine online.

- Stella S.

Excellent team and very professional, knowledgeable people to deal with. Thank you for employing such a great staff who are eager to help and explain details about car repairs in detail with a lot of patience.

Kind regards,

- Leanna A.

Honest business! Gave me a $500 quote, but upon inspection realized that one of the parts can be fixed saving me almost $200. A competitor down the street wanted $700 trying to cheat me into replacing a part I did not need. I highly trust this shop.

- Ruslan B.

After having brake pads replaced with another garage, I drove to work the next morning and had major problems. What started with a minor thump later turned into an obnoxious squeal. I stopped at a "brake" shop on my route to work (which is over 35 miles) only to be told they wouldn't even look at it because they knew I would need to replace a part and it would probably cost a lot of money....

I drove away from there hoping I could make it to drop off my step-daughter at school. But, after a few miles, it was worse than ever. I pulled over to figure out what I would do. I just so happened to pull in across from Bonded Transmission. They were gracious and kind and offered to at least take a look and we could go from there. As it turned out, there was a small clip put in the wrong way. They fixed it for me (as well as replacing a bulb for my rear brakes) and we were on our way... and they only charged for the bulb.

I can't say what a relief it was to be able to drive away and not have to pay an arm and a leg to do so. Although Bonded Transmission is far from my home, the next time I need work done on my car, I will be calling Bonded Transmission. Thanks Guys!!!!!!

- Abbey D.

Dear Bonded Transmission & Auto Repair, I am writing to express my gratitude to both Jason and Dave for their customer service last week. I dropped by for what I thought was a problem with my transmission, but was in fact an issue with my power steering. This problem was caused by faulty installation by another shop. Jason and Dave took it upon themselves to not only fix my car that afternoon, but also allowed me the opportunity to have the other shop pay for their mistake--which I am happy to say they did. I had been attacked by a German Shepard only 2 days prior. I was in a fragile state not only from my injuries, but thinking about the doctor's appointments, and myriad of other things I would need my car for the very next day. In a truly kind hearted and generous spirit, Bonded Transmission & Auto Repair went above and beyond for me--getting needed parts from Brigham Gill and working until closing to get my car fixed. It was an act of kindness given when I needed it most. Many, many thanks.

- Sincerely, Jennifer F.

We appreciate our customers, and they appreciate us too! The following is a letter written by a customer addressed to a service writer, Scott, as well as the staff here at Bonded Transmission & Auto Repair.

Dear Scott, I would like to take this opportunity to extend my appreciation to you and your staff for the quality transmission service performed on my 1999 Dodge Ram in May 2009 and the follow-up service performed in May 2010. The original service included a complete rebuild of the transmission, an upgrade kit with a transmission cooler. You and your staff explained the complete service, provided an accurate estimate and completed the work on time. Following the service in that year, I was able to confidently tow a trailer with my vehicle and enjoy a trip into Canada with my sons. At this point in time, I realize the investment was well worth it as I am able to enjoy the economics of an extensive vehicle lifecycle with my rebuilt transmission. I was especially pleased with the recent fluid change and service check to find the transmission in good condition and well on its way to 200,000 miles of service. I found your facilities to be clean, accommodating and informative with regards to additional products and services that may further extend the life of my vehicle. As a driver who prefers to maintain and keep my vehicles for an extended period of time, I look forward to remaining a customer in the future.

- Sincerely, Mark L.

Bonded Transmission & Auto Repair could not have been more helpful to me. Jason went out of his way to help me when I was stuck in a bad situation, and expected nothing in return. I could not recommend this business more.

- JJ.

Dear Team, I wanted to send you a thank you note in appreciation for all the kind assistance you showed my 20-year-old daughter when she was having major car trouble recently. We both weren’t sure quite what to do with her ’93 Honda Accord - if it would be worth the money to sink into it yet again for more extensive repairs or just call it quits. You gave us ample time and suggestions to figure things with no pressure which allowed her to concentrate on her college studies and make a final decision on her car while she searched for other means of transportation, which was so important with her being away at school in Framingham. Your patience, generosity, and kindness towards her cannot be adequately thanked in a note but hopefully sending this to you and the BBB will spread the word of the helpful nature and understanding you delivered to this customer. Though we decided not to pursue further repairs, therefore Bonded Transmission & Auto Repair not making a dime off of us, we can attest to your honesty in delivering quality advice to your customers. On behalf of my daughter and myself, we are both sincerely and deeply grateful for your understanding and uncommon, exceptional customer service.

- Cordially, I.M

I went to Bonded Transmission & Auto Repair for a second opinion on what could have been a very costly transmission replacement recommended by a dealership. They walked me through the evaluation process, explaining all the steps he would use in evaluating the car. I feel that a more thorough diagnoses was done on the car by Bonded. The result was a far less significant replacement of a sensor, not the entire transmission. The work was done quickly and at a fair price. Bonded Transmission & Auto Repairs went the extra mile and allowed us to pick the vehicle up after hours so that we would not be inconvenienced. I am hoping to make Bonded my service provider for all three of my cars.

- C.

I'm writing to express my gratitude to Jason Smith for his professionalism while my car was being serviced at Bonded Transmission & Auto Repair. He added a personal touch to fixing my car and took great pride and care to ensure that my family would be well protected and safe while riding in it after all the problems were fixed In addition to the great work he did, I need to also mention that the turnaround time was extremely efficient. He was somehow able to give me my car back the very next day. Personally, this was extremely important to me because it is the only car that I own that allows my wife and I to transport all 4 of our kids at the same time. The proof is in the pudding as my car is driving the best that it has been since purchased it back in 1999. Jason went way above and beyond the call of duty and it's because of this great service that I plan to continue to use Bonded Transmission & Auto Repair for all of my car servicing needs in the future.

- RJ.

Thank you for repairing my 1994 Chevy Suburban on such short notice Thursday morning on August 25th. I was referred to you by Greg Spiller's Automotive of Holliston. I had a ferry reservation that day and was anxious to get home to Long Island, NY to prepare for Hurricane Irene. You took me in right away and by 1:30 p.m. had repaired a broken snap ring assembly in the transfer case and the vehicle was ready for pick up! Thanks to your rapid service I was able to make the 6 p.m. ferry out of New London, CT and home by 9:30 p.m. We were lucky and lost only one tree with no power outages. Your service was extraordinary and greatly appreciated. You are to be highly commended and we thank you.

- Anonymous Customer

Thank you Jason! Because of your phone call I was able to follow up with Nissan. They ended up sending me a check for most of the repairs. They didn't cover the entire repair, but I was pleased with their refund. Once again, thank you! You are a true professional! Please accept this gift as a token of our appreciation for your in credible customer service.

- C. & E. H.