Quality Transmission Repair for Framingham Drivers

Bondend Transmission & Auto Repair

Bonded Transmission & Auto Repair in Framingham, MA

Transmission Experts

Complete engine repair can be anything from a replacement remanufactured engine to a leak repair to a new timing belt to manufacturer's mile interval services. Whatever it is, we do it!

Transmission service and maintenance with the proper fluids can save the upset and inconvenience of transmission failure. Since 1962, we have been rebuilding transmissions, so we know what we're doing. But when a remanufactured transmission is the best option, we have Certified Transmissions from our distributor shipside, Bonded Instant Transmission.

Here at Bonded Transmission & Auto Repair, we also do clutch replacement. While there are not as many vehicles with manual transmissions nowadays, we still replace clutches, have a flywheel grinder to save money on flywheel replacements, and have solutions to transmission problems that cause clutch failure.

Driveline Upgrades & Performance Modifications

Performance drive train upgradesā€”from a speedometer calibration to a shift kit, Bonded Transmission can handle it. Whether you have a street car or full blown race car, we can help with your needs. We can also perform differential rebuilds and gear changes. If you're thinking about a converter, we sell Heavy Duty and Hi Stall Torque Converters, and we can install them for you in house. We also carry Certified Transmission's "Road Ripper" transmissions in stock.

Additional Services